Kira MacDuffee, MEd, RCC

Kira MacDuffee, MEd, RCC

Awakened leadership coaching

Awakening business leaders

Kira supports individuals in leadership roles who desire a more meaningful and compassionate workplace. She strongly believes that self-awareness is a crucial component of a healthy and productive work environment. This begins with the Delphic instruction, Know Thyself.

Using the ancient psycho-spiritual Enneagram model, Kira helps you understand who is running your life and your business - the wizard behind the curtain. The obvious answer may be ‘I am’, but generally speaking when we look below the surface, or behind the curtain, of this simple response we find easily identifiable psychological patterns that limit our capacity for both abundance and joy in the workplace.

These ego driven ways of being are the mind barriers, or glass ceilings, that individuals often run into on their corporate journeys to success. Discovering who is running these patterns is essential to fully knowing yourself and your work.

The Enneagram model of personality is a direct, clear and revealing system for greater self-awareness. The enneagram does not put you in a box, but rather shows you the box you are already in, and then guides you to freedom from the habits that make up the structure of your box.

Curious about how you and your team can enjoy your work more fully, while growing more conscious and self-aware inner and outer environments? Read on or contact Kira MacDuffee now!

The process

Identifying your dominant enneagram type

Working with your personal and business structures

Identifiable and achievable goal setting

Enhancing emotional intelligence for personal change in the business environment

Growing or planting a spiritual/self-awareness practice that has meaning for you

Keeping the practices alive - motivation and skill building