Individual & Couples Personal Retreats

individual Retreats

This is your opportunity to co-design your ideal retreat with Kira and Edward.

  •  2 to 4 nights
  • step out of your habitual world and into the transformative energy of Cortes Island
  • combine personal therapy, meditation, yoga, journaling, art, periods of silence
  • open to individuals, couples and families
  • combine working with Kira & Edward with other skilled healers on Cortes Island
    • Hellerwork (deep body and process) with Alex Hornby
    • Reiki (subtle energetic adjustment) with Rick Bockner

couples' retreats

Give your relationship a personally designed retreat with Kira and Edward.

Whether intimate partners, siblings, extended family or friends, your personal retreat will support you to communicate more clearly, listen more effectively, connect with and speak from your hearts, and get to the truth of what gets in the way of the fullness in your relationship.

  • Offered between September 8 to May 1st
  • 2 to 4 nights
  • Combining individual and couples' therapy sessions
  • Designed to support you to gain clarity and relax together in this beautiful place
  • Kw'as Bay Cottage is discounted to make your stay more affordable


Retreating to Cortes Island in its self is an extraordinary experience, leave behind the business of your daily life and allow your body, mind and soul to relax into the unique energy of this Northern Gulf Island. To find your perfect accommodation we recommend you look at Cortes Island Airbnb.

We highly recommend the following:

  • As of September we will have a private cottage available for accomodations. Your retreat cottage is right next to a wetland conservation area, Kw'as Park trails, Hague Lake swimming, and a short walk to the ocean at Hank's Beach.

Kw'as Bay Cottage


Rates are dependent upon the design and duration of the retreat, as well as the number of participants. Kw'as Bay Cottage rental is a separate, but discounted, additional cost. Please contact Kira to find out more.