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Now and then we will post special offers, such as reduced rate periods or multiple session purchase rates, or last minute openings in groups that are about to begin. And, sometimes because it feels like the 'right thing to do' when there is a global or community issue that is affecting many people.

Worth checking!

latest offer from edward:

2018 - A Year of Disruption,
A Time to Care For Our Relationships

An incredible amount of change is happening on our planet. Every relationship (intimate, work, family, powers that be, our hearts) is being affected.

Caring for Our Relationships 2018

A brief note to remind you that there is no time like the present to care for your relationships, especially your relationship with your own heart.
Historical trauma and grievances can be brought into healthy awareness in a strong, grounded way to release and heal.

Relationships that have been languishing in old habitual patterns, well below the potential joy you could be experiencing can transform.

Present day fears and overwhelm brought about by work strife, political uncertainty, and questions about our place in the cosmos, can be used as doorways to self-realization.

Take advantage of my reduced rates
from January 16 to February 28, 2018:

Couples/Relationship Counselling $140 per 1.5 hour session

Individual Heart Awakening & Transpersonal Counselling $95 per hour

Contact me to book 1.5 hour sessions

 or go directly to my online calendar to book one hour sessions

Love & Blessings in your year of transforming your heart,


Essentially the practise is focused on:



-Increasingly being able to see and feel from within the 3D body experience 

-Discovering or enhancing our ability to feel and follow the heart centre 

-From this place following the magnetic pull of our heart’s desire

-And, being with whatever arises as we do this (e.g. fear, historical trauma, judgment, excitement, expectations, hope, etc) from an embodied presence.