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New Clients:

  • Individual: $150 per 1hr

  • Couples: $225 per 1.5hr


  • Individual: $115 per 1hr

  • Couples: $165 per 1.5hr

  • Student/Underemployed: $90 per 1hr

  • Disability/Pensioner: $80 per 1hr

all rates include GST

Extended health plan coverage:  Check your extended health benefits plan. You may be able to receive coverage for both our services through our RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellor) or Naturotherapist (Academy of Naturopaths & Naturotherapists of Canada) professional designations.


Payment can be made:  

  • in-person at your appointment by:

    • cash, cheque (note: client is responsible for all NSF fees for dishonoured cheque)

    • credit card (you will receive an invoice after your Zoom appointment)

  • prior to your appointment by:

    • online bank email money transfer

    • PayPal (please add 2.5% fee for using PayPal or other fee related modalities)

We appreciate your diligence in either bringing your payment with you, making your online payment in advance, or responding to invoiced payment requests.

Cancellations:  We request a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellations or appointment time changes.

While it is our hope that the online calendar will send its 48 hour email notification to you, this may not happen 100% of the time. Please mark your appointment day and time on your personal calendar when booking. We will not be responsible for online calendar reminder email technical errors.

Late Cancellation & No Show fees: Edward $115 and Kira $150.  

Emergency circumstances are understood. Please notify us as soon as possible.