What people are saying

I’ve been in therapy off and on for the past 15 years and had gained a lot of self-awareness and understood what my triggers were. Despite all the self-knowledge I possessed, my behaviour stayed the same. Over the past year, Kira has walked with me through a very painful separation from my spouse of 10 years. For the first time I feel truly and fully supported in my healing process. I feel such gratitude for Kira and the way she works. Through a variety of techniques she gently guided me back to myself, over and over again. Never judging, never wavering in her strength, presence and focus. In the past I’ve always felt like I couldn’t really share my pain fully with a therapist because it felt like too much and like I wasn’t really being understood. Kira’s strength comes from her commitment to her own healing process. I have never felt judged by her and she possesses an unwavering strength, presence, and focus that shines through in the the level of safety she is able to provide. I now have some solid techniques and a whole new level of awareness that helps me deal with life situations (big ones as well as day-to-day) in a way that is far more congruent with who I really am.
— C.Z. Victoria, BC
I was very surprised to find Edward so down-to-earth and straightforward in how he works. His support and guidance was invaluable in enabling me to move through my relationship break-up with a deeper understanding of myself and of my former partner. I found the enneagram information very helpful in identifying the fears that had driven so much of my behaviours in this life. I feel so much more on track and content in myself. Whether you are into the spiritual development stuff or not, I highly recommend Edward’s therapeutic skills.
— T.M. Victoria, BC
I”ve seen many counsellors over the years. I saw Kira every week for six months while undergoing treatment for cancer. Every time she would great me with joy and then she’d create a space that was large enough to contain my well of pain. She invited me to bring my daughter with me to an appointment and helped us talk about our fears that I might die. How she got us through that was no small miracle! Kira was also very skillful at encouraging me to work with my dreams which helped me access feelings that would have otherwise remained buried or consciously out of reach.
— S.C. Victoria, BC
I see Edward mostly over the phone. He is a wise and kind presence that I can always count on to be there for me with an open, non-judging heart. He has taught me to be gentle with myself, guided me to work through family problems, patterns, and trauma that I was totally blind to, in the beginning, aided me in relationship problems, and supported me into and along my spiritual path. Within a very short period of time, Edward taught me wonderful tools I use every day. He continues to support me to live a vibrant, healthier, more joyful life.
— T.R. Saltspring Island, BC
My gratitude to Kira is enormous. Her dedication to my healing process has opened my heart allowing me to heal old wounds. Her patience and warm compassion speak to a place within me that knows I am going to get through this, I just needed the right teacher.
— A.B. Victoria, BC
In the past 16-month time frame that I have been working with Edward, I have learned a great deal about many topics within the metaphysical world. With Edwards help, I have deepened my conscious awareness, learned to read the “signs of direction” sent to me, and developed a greater sense of the “big picture” of my souls life.

I felt comfortable confiding my deepest darkest secrets to him on my first visit, and in turn, he has helped me discover my path towards self-help and personal growth. His help has been invaluable! And simply knowing he’s personally experienced similar occurrences as myself was a huge relief all on its own!
— A.B. Victoria, BC
Working with Kira was a gift. I feel so blessed to have found her. The things I became aware of and experienced during my time with her fundamentally shifted the way I live my life because in life there is always a choice. Through this process of personal growth, I gained a clear understanding of how to become grounded when dealing with stressful or highly emotional moments. I also discovered how to heal myself and, ultimately, that I love myself. The safe environment and constant love and support Kira provided facilitated my journey of finding self and exploring its depths. I was able to reclaim my power, which had been lost for so long. I am more confident, independent and courageous. I now have the strength to choose, to create and manifest my own destiny.
— A.H Victoria, BC