integrating psychology & spirituality

Psychology without spirituality is arid and ultimately meaningless, while spirituality without grounding in psychological work leads to vanity and illusions.
— Russ Hudson

We bring a rich and complex understanding of both the spiritual and psychological realms of reality and work to support your soul's unfolding from this framework.

Whether you are having difficulty integrating some form of awakening experience or feeling very stuck in the mundane, we have practices and teachings that will support you on your journey.

Why are we here?

Yes it's a big question, but for us the answer is quite simple. We are souls in evolution, here to evolve our consciousness through a complex process of initiation and alchemy. Read More...


what informs our work

When we are feeling lost or disoriented, something not uncommon in our human experience, a map is very helpful in making sense of where we are and where we are going.  Maps can assist us to plot our journey as well as help us to anticipate and find the courage to face the obstacles along the path. We have found both the complexity of Enneagram model and the simplicity of The Hero's Journey to provide a powerful and essential framework for understanding our souls path in it's process of evolution.  Lately we have been exploring how these two powerful maps come together.


the enneagram model

The image of the enneagram (ennea-nine, gram-image) dates back at least 3500 years and represents within it an entire universe of dynamic rhythms, patterns and laws that can be applied to virtually any aspect of reality.  Read More...

The Enneagram Institute, Stone Ridge, NY

Canadian Institute for Enneagram Studies, Victoria, BC

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the hero's journey

Joseph Campbell's lifetime study of the world's mythologies brought us the distilled essence of the movement of all our lives through what he called The Hero's Journey; the monomyth. This is the same story that we all know intuitively and love to watch again and again in our favourite Hollywood movies or read in our favourite books. We recognize it because we are all doing it. Our soul is on a journey and there are stages that we must go through for our growth and evolution. Read More...

How the hero's journey and the enneagram fit together

Recently we have been studying and observing the developmental stages around the outer circle of the enneagram in relation to the Hero’s Journey or Mono-myth. Read More...